The Reading


Daily Word Prompt – Playful

The energy was different, almost playful she thought, she couldn’t quite work it out.  Sparks flew through the air in magical colours, dancing and twirling in the light.  ‘I wonder’ Cassy thought as she placed the silk on the table and laid out the tools of her trade.  Crystal ball in the middle, tarot cards to the left, a candle to the right and a selection of crystals.

Today was the village fair and she had been asked if she would do some readings for charity, it was for a good cause so she willingly accepted.  Cassy hadn’t done readings for some time in public, she wasn’t sure she was up to it after the embarrassment of being called a fraud in the local paper by that reporter.   She had toyed with the request for a while when she was initially asked, but reasoned what was the harm, it was for charity anyway.

Cassy had retrieved her crystal ball and bits and pieces from the box in the back bedroom the night before.  She had put them away after the article was posted through her door, she didn’t want to be seen as the oddity in the village.  That had been several months ago and now she had been asked to get them out again.  She did hope it wasn’t just to mock, she didn’t want to ask the cards if it was a mistake to go ahead, she wasn’t even sure she could anymore.

These last few months had been difficult, the long dark evenings and on her own again.   It would be good to be out again today, mixing with people.  She would love to find some friends here in the village, to hope for anything else was beyond her wildest dreams.

The fate was well under way before Cassy had her first customer, she had been sitting head lowered in a dreamy state when someone sat down in front of her.  She looked up and caught the playful twinkle in his eyes, she held her breath for just a moment longer.   ‘I know this is just for fun, but would you give me a reading’ he said smiling across at her.  Cassy handed him the cards, knowing even before she turned them over this guy was going to be special.

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