Zing – DP

Clang, clang, clang went the trolly

Ring, ring, ring went the bell

Zing, zing, zing went my heartstrings……..

Hear this song and I’m a child again watching musicals on the TV with my mum and sister, believing that anything was possible in the world.  I used to dream of being an actress like Judy Garland and making the most spectacular musicals.  I would wear the most glorious costumes and sing and dance to my hearts content.

The truth is I can’t sing a note, have two left feet when it comes to dancing and an apple shape figure, that does not work with the tight waisted dresses of my dreams.  But those musicals I was brought up on gave me dreams, hopes and a belief that things will always turn out okay in the end.

A Judy Garland musical or song can transport me back to that front room of my childhood where happiness lived.  A room, safe and warm where my sister and I knew we were loved more than anything in the world.  Where money was not as important as the type of person you were, how kindness shone brighter than any material object and food made with love cured you of any ills.

I wonder sometimes, having such a loving childhood what my own son will remember of his.  Could I possibly have inspired him a fraction as much as my mother inspired me, I don’t think so but I hope I have given him some of his beautiful qualities.

Our childhoods mould and shape us into the people we are now, not all are easy and ours certainly wasn’t. But we didn’t always see the difficulties, experience the worries of our mother or count the pennies.  Our mother made sure that we knew we were loved, she would walk over hot coals for us and we would always be protected.  We left home safe in the knowledge we could always return and there would always be love waiting.

Our childhood home is gone now, my sister and I cleared it together after mum passed away.  We brought some the memories with us in the possessions we split between us, precious memories including a Judy Garland scrapbook.  Another family lives there now, living different lives in a different era.  There is however laughter and love in those walls which I’m sure that anyone who lives there will benefit from and as I said I can go back there anytime I want by just playing a song.


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