Life is full of triumphs, from the moment we are born and maybe long before. Each and everything we do, from the smallest to the greatest steps, each of these is an individual triumph. The things we survive, the things we achieve and the lessons we learn as we walk our path, each of these is a message from the universe that we are going the right way.  Our connectedness to all things, our understanding and our striving to achieve the best good, these are our triumphs and the universe applauds.

~ Liza



My Funny Friend

So I’ve been reading Conversations with God. I had heard of the book but hadn’t given it much thought before until a friend mentioned it. She told me it was powerful and that things start to happen when you read it. I was interested so I downloaded a copy on my Kindle. I chose my Kindle so that if I read it outside no one would know what I was reading and automatically jump to the conclusion I was a weirdo.

I immediately liked the book when I started reading it, mainly because it made me laugh out loud. Who would have thought God would have the same flippant sense of humour as me. He says in the book he invented humour so it is only natural he gets it. Well lots of people think they are funny but they don’t make me laugh like God does. I know I sound a little crazy but people have told me about God before but I haven’t felt drawn in the same way. This Donald Walsch, who brings God in these books, gives you a God you want to go for a drink with. I can imagine sitting over a coffee with him talking about the universe and beyond. We would get on so well it would be natural that we would move on to a bar or two and really get stuck into who we are, maybe end the evening with a curry.

You see this book makes God real in a way, as real as the scenes you can see in your mind when reading any book. I invest my emotions into characters in books, get to know them, care for them and bring them into my life.

Funny thing was half way through the book strange things did start to happen. Like the check out guy in Waitrose stopping what he was doing and telling me he missed his mother. He went on to tell me, a complete stranger, that he smells flowers when he wakes in the morning. He told me she loved flowers and he bought them for her every week, he said he was confused as he didn’t have fresh flowers at home. I suggested that maybe it was his mother drawing close to him, suggested he talk to her and buy some flowers for her. He told me he would do this and got on with putting my shopping through. I walked home thinking about him and his mother, I suppose they are in my life now too.

Mum and I have been even more psychically connected than usual. Even though she is fifty miles away we seem to be experiencing a higher connection. She will phone and it is turning out we are thinking or doing the same things during the day, like we are in the same room.

Well I’m near the end of the first book now and reading about what it means to be successful, how to bring success into your life. How to have what you need financially and materialistically, by just knowing you have. As I turned off the light last night, I thought about how I had always believed I would be all right. I smiled as I thought of winning the lottery.

This morning there was an email from the National Lottery, strange because I thought I had not been successful in updating my debit card payment. Well I must have been because it turns out I won. Not all of it this time, that’s to come, but £174.00 for now.

I immediately thanked God, not my lucky stars but God. This book is having an impact on me. I’m off to read some more about my funny friend.

Happy Easter!