In my last post I wrote about waiting for a sign from someone I had lost, it was within the last hour. I posted it and sat for a minute not really thinking about anything.  Something caught my eye from the window and there sitting in the window box was the most beautiful bird, looking straight at me.  It was only a matter of moments and it flew off to the tree across the street, I still felt it was looking at me.

I’m no ornithologist but I didn’t recognise this bird, it was beige with blue markings on its wings, tail and around it’s face, it was quite simply beautiful.  It flew past the window again a couple of times and then soared off into the distance.

I’m waiting hoping it might return, I’m asking for it to return and have my camera near incase.  But if it doesn’t come back again I really think I had the sign I was asking for 🙂