How can I….

How can I possibly resist you,

there’s nothing to compare.

There such a richness to you,

you drown away my cares.

You’re bold yet understated,

there is a velvet undertone.

When I see you on the shelf,

I just have to take you home.






Loving todays Daily Prompt as there are so many things I can’t¬†Resist




Close to Midnight 

So we’re getting close to midnight,¬†

the clock is almost there.

Only two and a half seconds away,

but does anybody care.

It has gone forward thirty seconds, 

we are closer to the end.

The hands of time are moving fast, 

on that you can depend.

So who out there will stop the tick, 

stand up for what is right.

Resist the false and bring us back, 

before doomsday tonight.


Daily Prompt Word – Resist