English Rose




Reach out my love and own sky,

these moments they will not last.

The hand of time you’ll not defy

for the hour will come to pass.


Posture perfect with head held high,

as an individual of your kind.

With musky perfume lingering still,

you leave an essence behind.


Deep love inside will not decay,

with a passion so clear to all.

Take this moment and rejoice in life,

before the petals begin to fall.



Reaching Out


I’m trying to reach you, but you’re no longer here.

I’m yearning to touch you, I can feel you are near.

I keep calling your name, but you stay out of sight.

First thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Please send inspiration,  to enlighten and show.

Your energy is still present, was just time to go.


In response to the daily word prompt – Reach