The World Ends Again

So the world is ending again on Saturday, well it’s the rapture anyway so they say. Some of us will be lifted to heaven in the ascension and the rest left here on earth to perish.

I’m a follower of the world ending, I mentally prepare and make sure I’ve told everyone I love them every time. My son laughs and says ‘not again’, I laugh too as I know it’s a lot of rubbish but there’s always that ridiculous little doubt inside of me that says what if?

Being of rational mind, I’m not really falling for it. I don’t believe it will end in this way, not this Saturday anyway. Will the world ever really end, civilisation maybe, but I feel if there is an ending, Mother Nature will survive, she may rest a while, heal herself and recharge her energy but then she will grow up again to be as beautiful as she has ever been.

Sometimes I think we might be close, icecaps are melting and the weather is certainly stepping up a gear, we have lunatics as leaders and everyday egos are huge. But there is balance, in as much as there is a lot of shit in the world, there is also a lot of goodness, love seems to have made a revival. Science and spirituality are meeting on more even ground and talking to each other, connecting concepts and making links between what were once totally unrelated fields. It seems that science and spirituality really can fit on the same page.

Here’s the thing, if it was true that the world would end on a certain day in time, then there would be no point in getting things right, purpose would have no meaning. I can believe the world might end if we don’t make some drastic changes to how we look after it, but I don’t think that it will. We have choices, we go up the wrong path or the right one and if the world was always going to end there would only ever have been one path.

Our purpose or task here is to see where we fit into the world, not as individuals but as a collective force that can make a difference to everything there is and therefore everyone around us.

As for Saturday, I’ll be on my course sitting in a classroom absorbing what I’m being taught, I’ll need it for my future. I might leave the ironing until Sunday or maybe later but that’s just because I hate ironing!


The Ship


The powerful ship moved purposefully through the water.  The ship travelled through a sort of canal with buildings on each side, crashing and breaking the boarders of the land, tall houses falling in its wake.  It reached the sea and rose high before it charged towards the waves as if in battle.  We were as much victims of the ship as the seas in which it sailed, caught in its depths and awaiting our fate.  The ship crashed to the left and its passengers fell and crashed with it.  I grabbed my yellow sailing jacket, I knew we were in for a rocky ride, I wanted to be prepared.  The last thing I remember before I woke was that I could not tie my shoe laces in preparation for the journey ahead.

I sat up in bed and looked around, heart beating and catching my breath.  I wrote it down, I wanted to remember for the morning for when I woke.

This morning I reached up to the shelf for my dream book before preparing coffee.  I hadn’t needed to see my scribbled reminder, it was still very clear.  Without looking I knew that rough seas couldn’t be good, that in my dream I was prepared or trying to prepare myself was something, but I felt it might indicate a long ride ahead.  That the ship was big and strong gave me hope, because although it was throwing me all over the place it gave some protection.

The dream dictionary told me ships are an augury of profitable ventures, however a shipwreck portends to a situation where you will have to defend yourself.  The dream book directed me to look up ocean, it said that in any dream the condition of the water and weather must be taken into account. The water and weather had been horrendous in my dream.  Rough or stormy water is a warning that real courage will be needed to overcome your obstacles, just what I need at the present time!

I have one hope though as the book suggested an ocean voyage predicts a lucky escape from an irritating problem.  I guess I must have got on the ship in the first place to have hung my yellow sailing jacket.

Any other interpretations out there much appreciated 😉