Exposing Myself 

I haven’t any curtains yet, 

so there I’m a little exposed.

If you look into my windows, 

I won’t necessarily pose.

My place is nice and tidy, 

I like to keep it clean.

But then I suppose I should, 

as it’s likely to be seen.

If you think that you can see me, 

know I see you too.

I won’t twitch behind the curtains, 

I’ll stare right back at you!



To be Exposed

It’s not so bad to be exposed,

as it’s really just being real.

Trouble is it takes us a while,

to understand what we feel.

We need to feel true confidence,

to know we speak the truth.

Takes some time to build it up,

it’s not something of our youth.

When we reach a place in time,

that we really know ourselves.

Worry not of what others think

or have fear of being exposed.