Crisis is my Middle Name!






I’m good in a crisis, no I would probably go further than that and say I’m exceptional in a crisis.  I’ve made a career out of it in some ways working with young people traumatised by early experiences, many of whom are constantly going in and out of crisis.  I also work with organisations that are often in crisis and individuals within these organisations too.

I often wonder why I function so well in a crisis and if in fact I actually do.  I think when and if I do, it’s because I have a practical approach, I’m able to break things down and look at a clearer picture.  I’m able to approach one step at a time and I’m not necessarily caught up in the fear of what might happen.  This might be good or bad, depending on how you look at it, on occasion it’s been risky but I have remained calm and calm is certainly key!

I think it’s incredibly important to be able to recognise the stages of a crisis also, because after a crisis has reached it’s peak and begun to settle it doesn’t take a lot to set it off again.  Some people  / groups are in a constant cycle of crisis and this can be exhausting.

On a personal level I’m able to calm people down, friends, family or those that cross my path.  Listen to what they have to say and help them reframe their thinking maybe work things out for themselves just by being able to speak out loud.  Sometimes just acting as a container for their anxieties and feeding them back in a more manageable way.  Being able to listen and provide a space for reflection are important aspects in being able to support.

Now for my own personal crisis’s and I’ve had a few.  I have got to the point of realising that we get over them, they teach us lessons and shake us up a bit, sometimes for the better.  As Nietzsche said ‘ That which does not kill us, makes us stronger’.


Crisis – Daily Prompt


Oh, I have experienced crisis, another one came today

With jagged edge and scary face that will not go away

Take up all my waking thoughts, trouble me at night

The crisis will not leave my side, until I’ve put it right

It comes to shake me up a bit, when everything’s okay

Just when I was happy, plans heading the right way

But when I think about it really, with a microscope

It never turned out as I thought, I have always coped

 Crisis you don’t scare me, I’m not giving you my time

All will work out as it should and I will be just fine.