It’s hard to stay focused without eyes!

My trip to the crypt today in Hythe, Kent.

Good set of teeth to last a few hundred years!


I thought the crypt quite fascinating and just down the road too. I’ve visited bone chapels in Europe but was surprised to find these down the road from my flat. All the sculls are pre 1800’s, there are thigh bones too!


A birds nest!


Top of the head missing

Well maybe there’s more to the town than I originally thought! 😉


10 thoughts on “Focused”

    1. Ha ha Jane, that songs going to stick in my head all day now. I’ve a therapy session with a client today, please god I don’t sing to her!!

      I’ll try to stay focused,
      please god don’t let me sing.
      Just take the funny song away,
      as in my ears it rings!!


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