A Caper

What a delightful caper it was, 

being back together again.

A weekend that was so magical, 

though they had forecast rain.

To celebrate your birthday too, 

the three of us what a laugh.

A caper when we ordered Pimms, 

frozen fruit would never pass.

Moan as we did and talk of reviews, 

trip advisor was our threat.

Three cocktails on the house at once, 

with giggles they were met.

What a delightful caper it was, 

being three young girls again.

Although we’re all over fifty now, 

some youthfulness we did regain.

A very funny weekend with my sister and oldest friend visiting to celebrate my friends birthday. We’ve all been friends for so many years that we just fall back into it every time we meet, with this time no exception. We had the kids with us, but to passing strangers it must of been hard to spot the adult, oh how we giggled.

The Pimms episode really was very funny, a real caper!

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