I’ve relocated, moved away, 

my new life has begun.

Thou I’m missing internet, 

you see as I have none.

My laptop cannot connect, 

cannot find the page.

I just keep right on trying, 

it causes such a rage.

Missing all my blogging pals, 

doesn’t seem the same.

I’m not sure I’ll be happy, 

until I’m online again.

I know I needed headspace,

time to sort out my life.

But this lack of any internet,

is causing so much strife.

I try connecting on the phone,

But the signal is so low.

I really have to count to ten,

or the phone I’ll throw.

Please bare with me, I’ll be back,

seven days until I’m on.

Seven days without connection,

then this issue will be gone!




23 thoughts on “None!!!”

      1. Been there unfortunately. Know exactly how it feels. Your happy with your new home? It feels like home yet? Or are you in the settling in stage, finding places for everything 🙂

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      2. Felt like home once my family and friends visited. Still finding my feet here and sorting. Brighton is only 14 miles down the coast, been twice and back again tomorrow! This will give me space to start my new business and write but my tribe are probably in Brighton 😉


      3. A considerable downsize for a while, lost two bedrooms and a lot of junk! I have some bits on storage but the more I think of it if I get on without them I might let them go. Here’s to minimalist living 😉


      4. I know, right? I put tons of stuff in storage because I lack space. Perhaps I didn’t need it anyway, but then I hate clutter so not sure at this point. lol. I hate to part with some of it because it’s useable, just not having space but things I’d like to get back to at some point…and since we’re looking to sell, we’ll be moving again whenever…depends on what happens with Trumps dang soft-wood lumber deal which will kill the work on the island…but because they are building right next door and ripped down 100’s of 100 year old trees, it s a barren land at the moment and you can really hear the traffic which doesn’t bother me as much as everyone else. Depending on what happens in the market place regarding the sale of homes, will determine when.. so I’ll keep my stuff until that time anyway … xoxoxo

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      5. It always shocks the hell out of me when I let something go…the feeling of freedom and relief that comes with it…constantly astounds me. Doesn’t matter if it’s an old picture or piece of clothing. Every time!


  1. So happy to see you on my reader page. I would be going crazy without the internet connection to those I care about. Hope the time passes fast for you! Will be good to see your posts again soon!

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