Massive Change

Challenges come throughout our lives that require us to make big changes and sometimes these challenges are massive. The changes we have to make can involve us needing to let go of things, sometimes through choice, sometimes the letting go is forced upon us through circumstance. Some of these life changes, rock our very foundations, we question who we are, but often the changes are necessary for our continued growth.

Life changes or challenges come in all sorts of ways, the loss of loved ones, health, loosing our jobs or homes and perhaps finding ourselves outside of anything we knew. Change can involve the letting go of possessions, beliefs, life structures and what makes us who we are. The letting go is necessary if what we have hung onto is no longer of use or just weighs us down. Often it’s people we say goodbye to, those whose worlds we just don’t fit into anymore.

We might initially fight change and continue to fight with every ounce of our strength until we give up, surrender and realise that fight it or not, change is going to happen.  So rather than be a lamb to the slaughter, isn’t it better to take control of things earlier and head off in the direction we are being pushed.

Life isn’t always easy, it’s not meant to be, sometimes it’s just one thing after another, some of these things rip the very heart from us. But each thing that happens to us, happens for a reason, there is a lesson to be learnt from everything that happens.

A few year back a friend asked me to describe my essence, what made me who I was. This was when I was starting out with my consultancy business and he felt it was a good exercise in knowing what I could offer. I found this quite difficult, maybe as it was the beginning of my life changing as it has. Today if I look at what I wrote there is a lot I don’t recognise. Today when I complete the same exercise, it looks totally different because I’m totally different. It’s perhaps good that I’ve closed my consultancy business now and I’m working in a different way.

I’ve learnt, when we continue to fight change, things get even more difficult because we are fighting universal plans and lets be honest, who can take on the universe. The best thing to do is embrace change, scary as this may seem, once we start to walk the right path and surrender ourselves, things start to go in our way. Opportunity presents itself and we find ourselves in the right place, meeting the right people and laughing again.

When I think back to all the difficult periods in my life it’s usually because I’ve been fighting things, challenges, often endings, usually the inevitable, and each and every one of these were meant to be. It’s so much easier to surrender, allow and accept change, embrace and welcome it when it comes because then it might not turn into something so hard to manage after all.

When we fight against the things that happen to us, it’s like the universe steps it up a gear just to prove to us we are not in charge. I sometimes think we are just actors, we have an invisible script to follow, sometimes presented at short notice. Okay I think there might be room for some ad-libbing but I don’t think we can totally change the play.


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