Someday you might understand,

but I don’t think while you’re here,

there’s far more to life than money,

it’s your loved ones who are dear.

Someday you might just realise,

it’s deeds and word mean more,

not materialism or fancy friends,

it’s a big surprise you have in store.

Someday you might saunter back,

but much too late to undo the past,

it’s the things that you are doing now,

that I’m afraid is what will last.

Someday you might regret those words,

that leapt out before you thought,

the ones that scared our tender hearts,

and sabotaged all of our talks.

Someday it might be painful,

when you look back on the life you led,

you’ll want to make it up to us,

but I fear not until you are dead.


Daily Prompt – Someday




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