Chakra Poem

As I sit on this most sacred earth,

the roots of me are here.

the red for passion anchors me,

so I can smell what’s near.

I’m reminded of survival now,

I pull energy from the land,

there’s fight or flight inside of me,

if I choose to stand.


The orange of my sacral,

gives birth to creative sparks,

flows with water as an element,

it here I make my mark.

It’s where I feel compassion,

warmth and empathy,

I taste what’s really going on,

not rely on what I see.


My ‘city of jewels’ is yellow,

it’s from where I feel desire,

my sense of sight connected,

assists me lighting the fire.

With confidence I give respect,

to myself and others,

I’m often cheerfully energetic,

when I don’t take cover.


My sense of touch is from my heart,

love stems from here,

It’s coloured green of different hues,

a place that’s very dear.

It’s where I build relationships,

I can sabotage them too,

if my heart is weak when we meet,

it’s what I can do.


My voice comes out quite clearly,

I speak out in blues,

I can express myself artistically,

when I’m not confused.

It’s from here that I communicate,

it’s a place I like to be.

I can connect as spiritual,

at those times when I can see.


The place of knowing is indigo,

it’s from here I also see,

things that aren’t available,

for everyone but me.

An electrical current here,

connects me to all things.

gives charismatic personality,

can also give me wings


At the crown I’m higher up,

it’s where I leave the ground,

although balanced here, it’s magical,

all planes can be found.

The colour of deep purple,

the entry for a bright light,

it’s the place that opens up

before we walk into the night.




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