Reflection in the Mirror

I looked right into the mirror today,

asked that my cares just go away.

Looked for what I thought I knew,

asked if I could just see the truth.

I watched the tear roll from the eye,

saw in great depth my silent cry.

The path it took along my face,

so easy for my finger to trace.

It followed lines that tell my tale,

when I gained and where I failed.

The etchings on my face you see,

are like those circles on the trees.

They tell the stories of my life,

the love and laughter also strife.

I’ll get more I know that’s true,

I’m hoping they won’t be so blue.

I’d rather those around the eye,

those of laughs, of joyful surprise.

But I will take what I am due,

I’m sure that I can see it through.

As after all is said and done,

I’ll only be ‘me’ for just this once.

I may come back I don’t know,

but no longer as me for she will go.



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