I cling to things I do not need,

I cannot let them go.

If I am left without you see,

I won’t know where to go.

I believe they hold me up,

well at least I think they do.

I’m guessing that’s quite stupid

and very far from true.

These are my collections,

an array of different things,

material objects, my strange ideas,

and my lucky rings.

I feel they make me who I am,

they identify with me,

if I was left without them,

would it really set me free.Β 

I know that these can hold me down,

tie me to a base,

without the bits that make me,

I’d find life hard to face.

I know that I can’t take them far

and only to the door,

because after I walk through it,

I won’t need them anymore.Β 



Daily Prompt – Cling



11 thoughts on “Cling”

  1. You will know when it is time to let some things go, only you can decide. Things do not define us they just add to our well being, a comfort or a crutch and there is nothing wrong with that. When you are at your strongest you will wonder what you needed them for.


      1. It does but I had a funny afternoon with a coffee table (it was my stepfathers). I got it to the door and brought it back in so many times I lost count! I was talking to him the whole time telling him what I did still have. Eventually it seams he agreed as it’s gone πŸ˜‰x

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