I made a cake today, I made it with spelt flour, it was a fabulous cake.  No big deal, cakes are easy, but I haven’t made one since my mum died two years ago, so it was a bit of a big deal for me. I used to make my mum a cake every week, this was only a couple of years before she died.  Prior to that, I didn’t make cakes.  I’m a good cook, but a savoury cook, not having too much of a sweet tooth myself.  Anyway, I’m getting off track but I made cakes for my mum.  I used to stir in love, as I stirred in that love with every turn of the spoon I knew I was keeping her alive.  Mum loved my cakes, I agreed with her, I could make bloody good cakes.  Anyway today I made a cake.  I spoke to mum while I stirred it, I told her she would like it but realised she did’t need cake anymore.  Cake would weigh her down, mum needs to fly.  Anyway the moral of this story is you can put love into anything, you just have to decide to, that and I’m missing my mum.

Daily Prompt – Missing

29 thoughts on “Cake”

  1. I wonder what prompted you make a cake today, perhaps she was near, perhaps you needed her around. Either way it was a great idea. How are you feeling today 🙂

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      1. I understand that we never grow up I used to cry and ask my dad to help me, I am convinced he did by sending me John. Although there is hardly a day goes by without me thinking of him (mum and I were talking about him only this morning) I can smile, memories are everything and they stay with you forever, the pain does get less and although seven years on I still fill up at times I have come to accept that he is around and we will meet again in spirit. Life hurts Liza everyone goes through the pain, my sister handles it much better than me. Much love to you. Hopefully tomorrow you will feel a little bit better meanwhile have a piece of cake and a brandy….. I’m here along with lots of others for you always xx


      2. You’re lovely Elaine, I’m so pleased to have met you. I know, most of the time I manage fine, you have to don’t you. But when things aren’t going well, you’re sick or something you do notice the space, the space they used to fill that made you feel okay. I think it’s just this virus, it’s an emotional one 😉😘

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      3. I understand you will feel better when it goes. It’s great your still writing your inspirational posts … get plenty of rest and drink loads….not brandy lol, but juice and water. I will send you some healing tonight and a massive hug 😉❤️️🌹

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      4. Cheers I had my hair cut and coloured yesterday and I’ve put 7lbs on from being ill so feel much better. 😊

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  2. I’m so glad you baked a cake👍🤗. That is poignant, given the strong link and association with your mum. Did you blog while your mum was still alive? Or did you turn to blogging as therapy to help you process your loss? Xx ❤ I hope you’ll bake more cakes now you’ve done it once 🙂

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  3. That first time doing shared activities after someone is gone can be hard. I am glad you were able to reach out to your mum like that. I believe we never really lose those we love if we continue to embrace that love we shared with them. (((HUGS)))

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