Anticipation – DP

Dearest universe, could you please oblige,

and help me find my way.

I find inspiration comes into my head,

but nothing really stays.

I want to apply myself and be worthwhile,

try to do some good.

I’d love to write about love and kindness,

I’m also told I should.

But that’s a dream and a hobby too,

not how I will live each day.

I want to work with what I love,

but also something that pays.

I like to create and I like to inspire,

I like to help people recover.

I understand trauma and listen too,

I’m a bit of an earth mother.

Can you direct me to where I should be,

send me on my way.

In anticipation, with kindest regards,

oh, please don’t you delay.


via Daily Prompt: Anticipation

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