Healing through Writing

I write to work out my world, I find writing therapeutic in that it helps me look back at experience and gain an understanding, maybe a different perspective of events.  I find to write about painful memories helps ease the pain, it helps me understand and make sense of those memories so I can let them go or at least turn them into something more manageable.

Often when we look back at difficult events we do so in quick flashes, leaving the scene as soon as it becomes unbearable.  It’s then buried again among the pain of our very foundations, the foundations that we work from, those that direct everything we do.  If we don’t come to terms with the difficult episodes they become the foundations for our future.  We will base our future decisions on past experiences and we won’t grow.

Our experiences, good and bad are the things that help us grow, however difficult our experiences, they should be meaningful if we are to grow from them.  I find it just as helpful to write about happiness, it brings those feeling back home.

I find when I revisit something I can see it in a different way, I’m good at visualisation so I put myself in the scene and look around, sometimes I might see another way out, not that it helps the past but it can certainly help the future.

Rumour has it when we die our life passes in front of us, we learn about our lives from what we see.  Why not do it now when we have opportunity to make those changes.  Sometimes by going back, we can reframe our experiences and rewrite our futures.


10 thoughts on “Healing through Writing”

      1. Sharing what provides insight and comfort also can attract a common thread and help others with similar challenges too. Definitely great!

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