Your Smile 

I saw your smile on the carpet today, I hadn’t seen it before.

I see your smile all over the place, each day I see more and more.

Your smile so wide, on precious lips, I remember it so clear.

Smiling now throughout my days, it’s like you are still near.


I saw your hair at a cafe as I passed, I stopped my heart beating fast.

Golden ringlets with a mind of their own, waving at those walking past.

Hair of an angel, not common at all, but the woman was not you.

I had to look close, just to make sure, as she had your bone structure too.


I saw your hand on a checkout girl, and another one in the bank.

Hands that helped me all my life, hands I owe so much thanks.

Gentle hands so full of care, with the touch of an angel dear.

I remember holding those hands as you left, the memories still very clear.


I chase you down the street sometimes, pass you on the stairs.

See you in a cars traveling out of town, but know your not really there.

Memories etched deeply into my mind,  now jumping out into my days.

I feel like I still have you here in my world, that you’ll travel with me on my way.


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