Death Obsession



I’m a little obsessed with death, you might have noticed.  When I first started my blog it was when my mum was dying, I wrote short stories and everybody died.  I’d start writing maybe thinking of a happy ending and then oops another death.

Now I still write about death in different ways, I explore what it means.  I’m a very happy and content girl, I just think about death a bit.  It’s okay, don’t unfollow please, because death to me means new beginnings.  I write of flowers wilting to come back again in the spring, suns gloriously setting and rising again and caterpillars transforming into beautiful butterflies.   I believe there is more to life than the physical life we have here and think that we just move on somewhere and continue.  I reads lots on near death experiences, as I said I’m obsessed!

Whatever death is I think it should be special, I think the dying should have the best possible care and be allowed to go when they are ready with their loved ones around them. It’s only a transition but we won’t see them for a while and thats difficult to manage for all of us.

Goodbyes are so important, as is giving permission.  I conducted a funeral last week, I’m not a trained celebrant and it was strange how it came about but the family wanted it conducted with love and that’s what happened.  It was a privilege for me to do this for someone, I mean it’s the last thing you can do.

Funny where life leads you and how!


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