My special girl of twenty six, an angel here the earth

Special needs and damaged brain, suffering from birth

With Epilepsy that’s getting worse, your fitting more and more

It’s not controlled, they’ve given up, say sudden death for sure.


I wonder why you came here, came to earth in such a mess

But then I answer as I ask, you were born to set this test

For us to understand you, give time and show we care 

To give you tiny bits of pleasure, in a life so hard to bare.


Your clearly a very special child, an angel from above

We’re very blessed to have you, you taught us how to love

So my very darling special one, I think we passed the test

Your life was not for nothing, we learnt to be our best.


When you go home to the angels, in light and lots of love

Know we’ll think of you each day and hear your song above

You’ll never be forgotten, by those whose life you touched

Tell the angels that we passed the test and loved you very much.


This silly little rhyme cannot express the feelings I have for the young woman I’m thinking about.  She has had the most difficult life, traumatised from early abuse from birth until she was taken into care and has since suffered from mental health and epilepsy.

She was fostered by my best friend as a very young child, we worked together in residential and my friend could not bare to leave her there, wanting to give her the opportunity of a family.  It was only going to be for a short while and it was never easy, but my friends an angel too you see.  My friend has given up a lot for this child and it has caused huge problems with her own family but she is nothing if not determined and resilient.

Although K has grown up, she still functions around four.  To see her breaks my heart but also makes me feel very blessed to have known her.  I’m her sort of aunty and she knows I think she is very special.

The consultants now say they can do no more for the seizures and she will likely pass with sudden death.  I’m finding this incredibly  difficult to come to terms with.  Not that I wish her a long life as it is, but because she has been denied so much.  The only way I can make any sense of this is to think of her as an angel who has come here to teach us how to be the best we can.

She’s in care so I won’t say her name apart from call her K, but if you read this and it touches you in any way, please send her love and know it will get there.






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