Writers Journey


I really can’t stop writing, to cease would be a shame.

To me it feels like therapy, it’s more than just a game.

I’d love to be a writer, to fill the world with words.

Share my thoughts on love with you, move my soul onwards.

I write with such simplicity, with honesty and truth.

Because you like my simple posts, I’m so endeared to you.

I write a small child might do, with wonder and delight.

With thoughts that spring in my head, late into the night.

I’m on a writers journey, the evidence is clear.

This journey is the best I’ve had, it’s all so very dear.

In another lifetime, I might have started long ago.

An honest scribe as my guide, to teach me as I go.

5 thoughts on “Writers Journey”

  1. Beautiful rhyme scheme, I feel the same way about writing. It acts as an outlet for all of my emotions and I think that is what brings the best delight in it. Keep up the remarkable work!

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