Dark Bits

We have to look at all aspects of ourselves, good and bad, lightness and darkness.  We are made of all these things and have to acknowledge the not so good parts as well as seeing the beauty.

Some of the dark parts are buried deep inside, snapped off and buried somewhere along the way. We might not know about these things, they might not be of this lifetime but they follow us and arise at times like a dark fog blocking our way forward.

So how might we do this, firstly acknowledge they are there, however small we have splinters of black. I’m not saying that if you have worked on yourself you are not a beautiful bright soul but the fact that we are here in this heaviness indicates we might still have some clearing to do.  

I hope I do not offend, when I was told I had dark things buried I was not amused in the slightest but I knew it was the truth. Acknowledging it, so can help release our darkest aspects and bring them to the light.  

I fear not being loved, being unlovable, I always  have, however much love is lavished on me. Why, is it because I have not been worthy of love in the past, pushed it away? I don’t know but I have to find the worthy loveable me now so I don’t repeat this again.  I’m also materialistic, I hate this aspect of me too and I know my coffin will be only big enough for me, why do I need so much shit around me. I have to start loving me more and stuff less!

Anyway upwards and onwards into the light 😉

In response to the Daily Prompt – Darkness 

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