Daily Prompt – Island

No man is an island , entire of itself ~ John Donne


We are all interconnected, not one of us is without connection to something, someone, somewhere.

We are physical beings and therefore need the connection of others to survive.  We were born onto a family, for good or bad we wouldn’t be here without them.  We need confirmation that we exist, that we are in fact present.  We need LOVE, warmth and kindness and sometimes someone to stand up to us and tell us that they think we are wrong.  We need to be able to measure ourselves against others, understand our own progress.

I’m fiercely independant but I need people around me for confirmation of myself, I need to love and be loved.   I learn from those I listen to and watch, sometimes the learning is from not doing as they do.

On my solitary days I need the elements of nature, the sun on my cheeks and air to breath. I am reliant on nature to sustain me, I rely on the beauty of the universe to help me create and remind me of my creations.

And when I’m gone, I will remain in my family, my memories and my laughter.

In response to the Daily Prompt – Island

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