Brighton Bandstand

Brighton is my spiritual home, I don’t think I could live anywhere else in the UK.  If I moved it would be south to the continent, Spain or France but for now and the last fifteen years Brighton has been my home.

Brighton is a seaside town and therefore full of tourists all year round.  Some call it London-by-Sea but having lived in London most of my adult life I can tell you it’s nothing like it.  Brighton is a force of it’s own, it does not mimic anywhere else, it is original, a trendsetting town.  Brighton is kind, it looks after its own and it welcomes the new, this town is very accepting.

I have days when I decide I’m taking time out and I’m going to be a tourist for the day, just for the hell of it.  I drift through the city streets, North Laines and South Lanes (yes, they are spelt differently) and become a tourist.  I stop and sit outside cafe’s and bars and watch the weird world of this town and its visitors go past.  I might stop of at any number of places for a lunchtime meditation or just head straight through town for the beach.

The energy of this town and its people are amazing and I have made some truly wonderful friends.  Weird, I’ll grant you but wonderful in that they are open, thoughtful and caring souls.  I think that’s what drew me here, its different and I’m a bit different too, I like to throw myself in the deep end.  I have conversations here, that would be seen as mad anywhere else, the flies on our walls could tell a tale or two for sure.

At the end of my tourist day I can usually be found on the beach looking out at the beautiful West Pier, this is one of my spacial places, where I draw my energy.

I believe that the saying ‘on the edge’ refers to the sea and those that are drawn to it, but that’s okay.

The West Pier, Brighton

Response to the Daily Prompt – Tourist


3 thoughts on “Brighton”

  1. This is really interesting. Where you live is so important for feeding your soul. I live on the coast, up in the north east-it isn’t as quirky as Brighton but it’s lush all the same 😃 and I draw so much energy from the natural beauty and the elements. I’m so glad you live in a place you love. It’s soul food isn’t it 💖 I’ve been to Brighton once and it does have a unique flavour X QB

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