When we say a person is successful,

taking things into account.

What they have done in life until now,

it’s usually the amount.

This is often measured in money,

like how big is their car,

What the have amassed on earth,

we look at their path so far.

But that is really just balderdash,

as it doesn’t say too much,

It doesn’t tell us what their like,

apart from their midas touch.

How many worries have they eased,

as they’ve walked on by,

did they consider others they passed,

did they at least give it a try.

Did they ever turn down that deal,

as it didn’t sit too right,

or do something the harder way,

trying with all their might.

Real success you see is to measure,

all the goodness done to date,

it may not bring too many riches,

but it’s done for kindness sake.


The Daily Prompt – Successful