I want to write of almighty heights and starships on the moon.

Of silent prayers, of soaring high and lazy afternoons.

I want to write so deeply, with words to touch your soul.

To make you think, with picture links, to connect would be my goal.

I want to write forever more, to share with you my dreams.

To pull you in, touch your hearts, that would be supreme.

I want to write astoundingly, so everyone can feel.

The way I view this universe and what for me is real.

For now I write quite simply, often words that rhyme.

Little ditty’s, words of love and when I have the time.

And so I shall keep on practicing, writing daily posts.

Poetry and thoughts by me, I hope you don’t get lost.

I am a little crazy, the other half of me is fine.

I hope you’ll find it in your hearts to give my writing time.