Original – DP



I like to think I’m an original, but can that really be true, as everyone I have ever met, heard of, or read about is somehow engrained on my soul.  They become part of me, part of my thinking and understanding.  So can I truly be original when I carry so many others along with me.

I am made up of those I have loved, those I respect and those that have harmed me, they are like tattoos on my being.  They reappear in memories and wave from the future as a warning or confirmation I am heading the right way.

Great writers, poets, thinkers, orators and philosophers inspire and teach us and they become us.  When we listen to or read something that sits well with us, we gladly invite it in, we give it time and we find it has comes to live with us, it remains.

I am not original but made up of those I admire, those that have taught me lessons and those who have shone a light on my path.