Martyr – DP

‘Ask and you shall receive’ and ‘the universe will provide’ and other such sayings tell us that if we need something all we need to do is ask.  The universe, whoever or whatever you believe in will not see you without if you put your faith in them.  

The thing is, what is it we actually need at this precise moment, I mean now.  We might be worrying about future bills, a roof over our heads in the future, or poverty if we don’t find that job, but is any of this in the present moment.  I know it is for some and my asking for help might interfere with their immediate needs.  

At this moment in my life I’m warm, fed, healthy, loved and able to enjoy life.  I get joy from nature and I’m blessed with friends and family that love me.  Yes, it would be nice to have a guarantee of something coming up in the future but not necessary this moment if somebody else is looking for answers.  By the time I actually need something I might find I already have it, after all the universe works in mysterious ways.

I don’t want to be a martyr and exaggerate my own distress at the expense of others who are genuinely in need.

~ Liza

Daily Prompt – Martyr