The Magus / Magician


Mercury as a messenger with the wings of spirit,

he’s pure brilliance in every way.

His energy spreading and radiating far out,

such a communicator one would say.

Imparting his knowledge in every great way,

inspired, resilient and well timed.

Finding a better orator, there never was one,

a match would be hard to find

To balance and juggle the possibilities as well,

in bringing those ideas into light.

Extremely creative in reaching his goals,

but he can make it appear right.

In duality he’s about truth and falsehood,

might well be questioned himself.

He’ll just as easily walk the wrong path,

by not caring for anybody else.

The twinkle he has and the curl of his lip,

he’s often good natured and fun.

The monkey that comes along by his side,

it’s great Thoth as the golden one.

Along with telepathy he’s inspired vision,

he has a true knowledge of being.

An ability to bring about transformations,

a directness to help others in seeing.

Philosophical, religious and spiritual master,

an arrow gets him right to the point.

With those two snakes at the head and tail,

in healing he won’t disappoint.

A gold cup with snake to hold onto emotions,

relationships he’ll manage quite well.

The Eye of Horus, great God of perception,

sees truth in the tales that he tells.

So will he just misuse those great powers of his,

to get himself to the top of his game.

Or could he be much more self-examining,

work in service to those that have pain.


I’m studying the Thoth Tarot again so I thought I would attempt to put individual cards into poetry to assist my memory.  Not sure if it will work but it’s fun to play with 🙂