Don’t Hesitate

Don’t you hesitate to call on me,

if you’re feeling down.

You can just pick up the phone,

if no one else is around.


Of course I will drop everything,

if I am needed by your side.

It doesn’t matter how I feel,

if I’m sick or feeling tired.


That’s what friends are here for, 

just call and they’ll come.

Wanting to make you happy again,

bring you back the sun.


If you find that you are hurting,

They will cancel their plans.

Knowing it’s so important to you,

that someone understands.


When the shoe is on the other foot,

will I find you when I call.

I imagine you’ll be too busy for me,

and won’t pick up at all.


So I’m changing how I do things,

you’ll learn the hardest way.

The very next time you need me,

you’ll find me busy or away!


Daily Prompt – Hesitate

I can honestly say I am blessed with friends. I used to have friends like this, but I stopped picking up the phone and now I’m left with the most wonderful friends who have seen me through the best and darkest of times. Of course I will always be there for them too, I joke with one of them that she’ll never go in a nursing home, although we laugh and joke that we will probably be there together causing havoc, I mean it.