I can’t live on being funny!

If I continue to work here for free,

how on earth will I make money

I’ve a wish to make people happy,

but I can’t live on just being funny.

So how can I make my fortune,

while still remaining true to myself,

I want to work with people you see,

I can’t think of anything else.

But the people that I work with,

they are usually struggling to live,

although they’d like to pay me,

they have not got  a penny to give.

So how will I make my fortune,

if I’m putting other folk before me,

I’m going to have to trust in love,

and hope that I’ll come to see.


Daily Prompt – Fortune


Making a Fortune out of Love

I’m thinking of making a fortune,

but I’m going to make it with love.

I’m putting my intentions out there

and asking for help from above.

It’s not money that I’m after here,

but the growth of all things dear.

A wish for all to live a life in love,

to make sure the pathway is clear.

See money won’t really cut it here,

if you want to find your way home.

Because the tender isn’t money,

it’s through love and love alone.

Love you have must be given out,

before you start to build more.

It’s how you make your fortune,

it won’t grow if it’s kept in a store

Love you see will only increase,

if you’re sending it out to the world

Don’t wait until you receive it,

as that’s not the way love unfolds.

So what do you think of my fortune,

Do you think I have a good plan?

I’m going to try this out any way,

As I’m going to see if I can.

~ Daily Prompt – Fortune