From Another Planet

Am I from another planet,

like something you’ve never seen.

Am I really that peculiar,

like a vision from your dreams.

Am I really that different,

like I just flew down from Mars.

Don’t you ever get out of here,

and drive your big flash cars.


I’m really just like everyone else,

I have a big heart like you.

You know I’m a little perturbed,

I’m at a loss of what to do.

I won’t take you in my spaceship

and I certainly won’t go.

All I ask is a little respect,

in that you just might say hello!





I wouldn’t say that I disobey,

but I don’t do what I’m told.

I do what feels right to me,

in some things I’m very bold.

I stand up for what I believe,

and yes, I do speak my mind.

Then there’s things I let go,

as I always try to be kind.

I’m not a little wooly sheep,

nor will I ever fit into a box.

I’ll turn up when I want to,

I’m not a lover of clocks.

I wouldn’t say that I disobey,

I don’t always do the expected.

The life I have is mine to live,

though I will stand corrected.



My Champion

My son will always be a champion,

that’s to me if no one else.

He’s absolutely fantastic you see,

but needs belief in himself.

I couldn’t have made one better,

yes alright I did need a dad.

I brought him up all by myself,

and it’s never made me sad.

My son is the greatest champion,

not because he’s related to me.

But because he’s just astounding,

you have to know him to see.

He’s also a fabulous grandson,

an uncle, a cousin and a friend.

He’s just the best man walking,

about who this ditty I’ve penned.¬†


Daily Prompt – Champion