Best keep mum…

I would cause controversy if I were to sit in a spiritualist church and say out loud to a room full of practicing mediums ‘I’m not sure I believe in all this talking to the dead lark’.  But that’s the truth in a way, although I believe it at the same time.

I believe in life after death, I believe that the dead do continue and they are able to communicate with us, I’m just not so sure I believe in the way it’s practiced in spiritualist churches and centres. I think  they need to move with the time a bit, delve a little deeper and review their archaic rules and regulations. I am so fed up of hearing ‘I have your grandmother with me, she liked to knit’ or something else every grandmother in the western world liked to do.

When I die, if anyone goes searching for me I’m not coming back to say what I looked like, how I died and share a couple of very random memories, like do you remember when we went to the seaside and got fish and chips for our supper. I will have so much more to say, like yes, life continues and it’s all about love and if I give any evidence of my continued survival it will be mind blowing to the person searching, it will be between me and them and there will be no mistaking it was me. I would like to be able to share more of who I continue to be and how. After all my body didn’t go with me and I won’t still have blond fine hair and a fine figure! I shall probably have already told my loved ones not to look for me anywhere outside of themselves before I go anyway, and for my family, that will be fine.

You see I believe in the continuation of the spirit, so some of the things the churches talk about sits well with me but I know without a shadow of a doubt there is more. Take my mum, I know she is around me. She turns things on and off, she makes herself known and at times I feel her love so much it takes over. But she doesn’t go to the church all the time trying to contact the living as she can do that directly when she wants and has much more important things to do now. My mum is an educated woman, she is terrifically spiritual and while here on earth, believed deeply in the power of love. I know wherever she is and in whatever form she is learning everything she can about it, if it’s all about love as I’m sure it is, that is where she will have settled herself and where she will be working. She can read my mind, she knows that I know she is still around so she doesn’t have to use a third party.

I have had messages from my mum, proof of her survival from mediums but nothing I didn’t know, some things have been amazing because the medium knew them too, but nothing surprising to me.  So there is my questions, are they communicating with my mum psychically through me, are they picking out my mother from my own memories and energy, or are they in fact talking to her, honestly I just don’t know.

I have exactly the same questions if I try to link myself, I’m flabbergasted when I bring information out that can be accepted but haven’t a clue how I actually do it. I see pictures and feel and know but I assume it would be the same if I was tapping into energy too. This is why I would never make a really good medium, I haven’t the trust you see, I’m full of curiosity.

We carry so much with us in our energy, our subconscious and uncovered selves, so much more than we realise, ancestry, past lives, forgotten memories, it’s all their just waiting to be tapped into. We are capable of so much more than our minds allow at the moment, why limit ourselves to rules and regulations.

Now I’m not knocking the churches here and apologise if my thoughts here have upset anyone. I think there is certainly a place for spiritualist churches and mediums, for those grieving, those that are not sure about the continuation of spirit and those in need of love and support, but that’s about it as I think as life is for living and learning.

I won’t cause any controversy, I’ll keep my mouth shut or in slang, keep mum. Anyway, let’s be honest, they probably know what I think already!

Daily Prompt – Controversy