To Let go of Control


However much we try we are not able to control our lives, we may believe we are in control but we are not, it’s just that at the present time the universe might be working with us.  It’s difficult to let go and trust, trust that all will work out and we will end up where we should.  We are programmed from an early age to reach out and take what we want in life, get a good education, good job, find a partner and produce the perfect family.  We are told from a very early age that we are in control and if anything goes wrong, does not go to plan then it is down to us.  We are our own judge and jury and quite easily condemn ourselves believing somehow that everything has gone wrong is our own stupid faults.

Is the flower in control when it does not rain, is the washing on the line responsible for the downpour.  Let’s think about it for a moment and see what the world around us can show us. A fire goes out when there is nothing left to burn but it is incapable of getting it’s own fuel, do you think the fire blames itself, of course not, the thing to blame if there is anything is the man that let the fire go out.  You see, we humans are programmed to take the blame.   But we cannot be responsible for everything that happens to us, all we can do is try our very best.

When things go wrong, there is very little we can actually do if they are meant to go wrong, if they are not actually wrong but destined to happen.  It’s a chain of events as I see it because if something goes wrong for one person it is very often going right for someone else.  Think about it, only one person can get the job, the house, the car, and for every success there is likely to be a disappointment.  Thought about this way it’s easier to see why things don’t go right all the time, things need to be shared out.  The rain might not be falling on the flower because the cloud has burst somewhere else it is needed, sometimes we have to wait our turn.

If we can let go of the need to control and believe that things happen for a reason life is much easier to bare.  If there is someone or something up there listening to our prayers, surely they have a list, like any other job, they will have to prioritise.  Yet do we ever pray for something when the time is right, not really we pray when we need something.

We can still hope for the right outcome, we can still wish but just as there is night and day there will be ups and downs in life and this really is probably what it is all about.  Taking each day as it comes, rejoicing in what we do have and remaining hopeful for what may or may not come.  Sometimes those things we fear are the biggest blessings, if we can only let go of our need to control and realise we are all in this together, we will get what we need even if it isn’t immediately obvious when it comes.  The key to this I think is trusting and letting go, be happy for the rain when it falls and sun when it shines because somewhere it’s needed.