Asking for Collaboration

I’ve just tried to build a new website on WP and would welcome your comments, advice, guidance.

I’m not technical and I’m trying to save money by building it myself. I’ve built up a number of clients already but would also like to get some more.  I intend to post daily on the new site ‘From the Heart’ which will be similar to ‘Nature Lessons’ on here and would welcome followers.

I really look forward to hearing from you.

I think this works for the daily prompt word – Collaboration“>collaboration

Always Ask the Question Why

Always ask the question why,

my grandfather said to me.

He gave me a diary and a pen,

the words inscribed to see.

He was a man of intellect,

he was a man of vision.

Reading at his writing desk,

not watching television.

We used to sit and talk for hours,

exploring many things.

Why the world was round,

what literature meant to him.

He taught me to philosophise,

to think a little more.

He instilled the trait in me,

keep asking until I’m sure.

It will take so many lifetimes,

there’s multitudes to learn.

Not leaving doubts unanswered,

a candle I have to burn.

Every puzzle has a final piece,

just to slot in place to see.

Always ask the question why,

my grandfather said to me.