Long Live the Peculiar

What is peculiar really, something odd, not in line with the norm, strange, different to what is expected anyway. I love difference, celebrate it and go out of my way to look for it in life.

Why do so many people want things to be just right, want today to run how yesterday did and the day before and last week. Why is it that people ask a question, knowing the answer, because saying something different will throw a cat among the pigeons for sure.

Think about it, somebody says ‘How are you’? and the automatic response is often ‘I’m fine’. I try to grab those words back as they leave my mouth but they are out before I know it, as I’ve been programmed like that. I’ve said it at the doctors in a consultation, I think it’s actually very stupid that they ask you how you are when you walk in the door and catch you out like that. After we’ve said fine, it’s so much harder to say how we are really, well just as a beside maybe, or just not say.

We are all peculiar, we are all different, not one of us looks the same but we try our damnedest to look like everyone else, to stand out in a crowd for some people is just peculiar, I say do it with gusto!

In the world of the ordinary everything is the same, bananas and tomatoes are the same size and talk is small. There is no talk of the curious or unexplained as it’s just weird and all the flowers in the garden are beautiful.

But look closer at nature and see nothing is the same, the oceans, mountains and each individual species, there are differences all over the place, huge differences and subtle differences but no two things are exactly the same. Even those things that come from the same mould are different in that they are placed in different spots, think about it.

I love being peculiar, a little different, outspoken and sometimes a little challenging. I always try to be kind, not because it’s expected but because it’s part of who I am, I want people to be happy and feel loved but I won’t say or do things I don’t mean.

For a large part of my life I tried to fit in, wanted to be like everyone else and didn’t want to be seen as different in any way. However, I always was really, the differences still showed, at work I rose quickly to senior management, I thought a bit different and spoke out. At home my tastes and decoration, an eclectic of all the things I love and my friendships can be described as a group of wonderful and different individuals who talk, think and explore. If you’re a friend and you’re reading this, yes you are special and different and it’s your difference I love, as quite honestly a lot of people bore me to death.

Long live the peculiar I say!




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