Overcome with Emotion


I was overcome with emotion,

overwhelmed by the sentiment.

Astounded by the message,

for my birthday you lovingly sent.

Yes you brought me giggles

and you added so much to my day.

The poetry you penned for me,

well it certainly blew me away.

So I’m returning loving wishes,

for a birthday as special as mine.

To a very special blogging friend,

your writing is just so divine.


For my lovely blogging friend Stella aka https://simpledimplesite.blog at Giggles and Tales blog whose birthday it is today. I hope your day has been as special as mine was yesterday, which was made even better by your lovely post xxxx



2 thoughts on “Overcome with Emotion”

  1. Dear Liza,

    I might be late in getting here to respond, but I certainly loved and cherished the outpouring of love and your warm reactions to my poem. Really, I was so happy you liked the surprise. And for a moment as I read your words, I loved you more. 🙂

    You lavished me with generous remarks and that was enough. Your every word reached the core of me. They were heartwarming and I am so humbled. I feel honoured and I appreciate you more for that. 🙂

    See the above poem you scribbled in response to mine. Now, permit me to say that I am “overwhelmed by the sentiment and Astounded by the message” (s) you’ve so perfectly weaved for me. I am delighted to read this poem. You made my day already. 🙂

    Thank you so much. I mean, thanks so so very much for showing appreciation with these lovely thoughts. You got my admiration. Queens are born in September. God bless you. 🙂 Xoxo

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    1. I’m so pleased you liked it, it was a special thank you for remembering me and fitted so nicely with the with the daily word prompt 😉

      I think we appreciate each other, I know we do, two Virgo Queens. I love having you as my blogging friend. I’m touched again by your lovely response too. Lots of love to you Stella
      Liza xxx


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