A Dash

A dash can be so many things,

like places we dash between,

or just in the dash of a moment,

space between our dreams.

Dashing ahead for the future,

while covering up all the past,

a word crossed out on paper,

love that was meant to last.

Feeling a dash of excitement,

at the start of something new,

while bubbling to the surface,

from right deep inside of you.

A dash between the years too,

from our birth until our death,

the little dash not saying much,

lets put our friends to the test.

A dash of darkness in the sky,

or the sunshine poking through,

both of these are dashes you see,

when we can’t see only blue.

I’ll take a dash of sugar please,

if I’m tired and fighting sleep,

and dash is almost impossible,

if the hill in front is too steep.

See the dash is quite universal,

used for happiness and strife,

just don’t use it on the pathway,

as you travel through your life.



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