The way our stories are told

We all present ourselves differently,

externalising ourselves to the world.

What we show on the outside of self,

is the way that our stories are told.

The messages we give in our silence,

as we dance or crawl through time.

They portray how we are truly feeling,

deep sadness or feeling just fine.

Sometimes we present ourselves loudly,

as brassy and so incredibly bold.

Remember that is just on the surface,

it’s the way that our stories are told.

As such noise can often distract us,

put a glare right in front of what’s real.

Protecting a vulnerable heart inside,

of our fear that somebody might steal.

These bodies are really just vehicles,

as we arrive here we enter the mould.

We are here to experience the physical,

in that way that our stories are told.

But the truth is really way deep inside,

beyond anything the external might sell.

Way deep in the hearts of our beings,

it’s from there the true stories we tell.Β 



21 thoughts on “The way our stories are told”

      1. Enjoy everything about you…your writing is on point, delightful, and so worthwhile to everyone. I’m sure everyone that reads your blog comes away with at least some insight into self. :):):)

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