Should I keep up with the neighbors, 

do all the things that they do?

If they get new garden furniture, 

you think I should get some too?

If I emulate the people around me, 

could I ever really be me?

To copy the lifestyle of others, 

well at least the bits I can see.

I know that I’d rather be unique, 

where my choices are my own.

When I walk into my house, 

know that I’ve really come home.

I don’t want to be like everyone else, 

I hope they don’t want to be me.

As my lifestyle is quite particular, 

it suits nobody else but me.



30 thoughts on “Lifestyle ”

  1. Awesome!
    My wife notice that we have a neighbor who must do everything she see others doing. I explained to her that it’s common with home owners. We would rather be unique and make choices because that’s what we like to do and not react to others.
    Thanks for the reminder.

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