I’m a little more than cranky lately,

which only goes to show.

I’m getting near to breaking point,

although nobody knows.

It’s the stupid things I’m doing now,

that might be a subtle clue.

But you don’t notice me falling apart,

because you’re cranky too.

Life is presenting me many obstacles,

that I’m trying hard to sort.

There’s tiny traps everywhere I go,

and I don’t want to get caught.

Crankiness is my only escape now,

as it covers up all my fears.

It’s easier being cranky you see,

than ending up in tears. 


Daily Prompt – Cranky

22 thoughts on “Cranky”

      1. Are you moving to an apt. or a house? Your son moving with you? I’m not sure you have other kids, his is the only photo I’ve seen. I have 2 Kelsy and Adam and 4 grandkids 7 9 14 15


      2. No he’s got his own place with his girlfriend. I’m going to rent something small as a temporary platform to my future 😊 I’m going to put the majority of my stuff in storage.


      3. Yes, I imagine so. I lived in Port Hardy 30 years exactly. My kids were both born here, in Nanaimo, so it was better sweet indeed, moving back here. Having said that, It was the only choice, I couldn’t be where I wasn’t involved in their lives to some degree, and the change was wonderful, I, very done my time, I’m out haha


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