The Flow of the River

The river flows across the land, made up of water from smaller streams, rainfall and water from a multitude of sources. The river is heading for the sea. It does not at source know its destination, is not told how to get there and has no life plan. The river does not have a guru to point the way it just flows through its life until it gets there. 

Are we as people so much different from the river, why the desperate search for answers, why do we need a direction, because often when we think we have one, there’s a turn of events, like the bend in a river we are guided in another direction completely. Whatever happens we will all reach our destination, maybe we should stop thinking so much about how we get there and just let go. Watch and allow the journey to unfold around us, have more time for what is now and join in with the natural flow of the universe.

~ Liza


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