Ten bits of Me


  1. I love fiercely as I was raised in the most wonderful family. My mother raised me and my sister alone, she was amazing, pure strength and love and that’s what she taught us. We are strong because a strong women raised us and we love easily because we were raised in love
  2. I share if I have it to give, as that’s how I was brought up. If one of us has it and the other doesn’t then it is theirs, it belongs to all of us. It all works out in the end because it balances out, we all go through good times and leaner times and it’s good to know your family are there for you. Sharing isn’t only about money, it’s about the giving of yourself.
  3. I wear my heart on my sleeve (you might have noticed) 😉 I was brought up with truth and taught to be honest and therefore can’t be anything else, I say what I think and feel. Mum used to tell me to hold my cards a bit closer to my chest and not expose myself so much, she warned of people who’s intentions are not as good and not to trust so much but I always struggled with this. I think it’s a bit late to change now, I am what I am and I trust in people to do right.
  4. I struggle with rejection, always have. My dad walked out on us as kids, I never really came to terms with that. I married a man exactly the same as my father and he left too (which in hindsight was a godsend). I struggle with being told I’m not good enough and fear not being good enough, it’s something I’ve had to work on throughout my life.
  5. I’m a natural carer, I want to take care of people, especially those who are vulnerable.     I think this is just a natural part of me.  I always wanted to be a nurse as a child until I realised my stomach wouldn’t take it, I’m a tad squeamish. I like to look after people, feed and entertain too.
  6. I’m not good with money, I leave envelopes unopened and don’t budget.  I don’t like money, but I need it. I don’t like talking about money, how much you have etc, it leaves me with a bad taste.  I think money left in wills is not in any way generous, because none of us can take it with us.  If I have money, I want to share it while I’m here.
  7. I’m intuitive, I know what people are thinking and feeling however they are acting.  I’m an empath and tune into the feelings of others.  This has helped in my career of working with people and in life although I have had to learn to separate others feelings from my own.
  8. I’m a good cook, brought up on home cooking by a health fanatic.  I call my place ‘Liza’s Lounge’ and people check in when they arrive on Facebook.  I love to feed people and my friends like me to do the cooking.
  9. I love to walk and I love nature, give me the country side or a beach and I’ll walk for miles.  I will happily walk around the city too, walking clears my head and is something I have to do every day or I don’t sleep.
  10. My biggest achievement in life is being a mother myself and raising a wonderful son. I am so proud to think I have done this and love my son to the ends of the earth and back again.

A quick list of random things about me to suit the Daily Prompt – Ten

Number 11 might have been I hate lists 😉


6 thoughts on “Ten bits of Me”

  1. That is a very open piece of writing Liza, and i do see much of what you say in you. I think it takes something to write like that about oneself. I found it thought provoking and moving. Thanks for sharing.

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