I’m often tempted to give up,

just throw in my hand.

Stay in bed and just give in,

would you understand.

Sometimes I cannot go on,

pretending all is good.

Then I get a glimpse of you

confirming why I should.

That temptation to give in,

just will not go away.

I may be steadfast on my path,

then I’ll find I sway.

To balance or just hold on tight,

I’m finding harder to do.

But then I remember my reason,

and that of course is you.



18 thoughts on “Tempted”

  1. Life can be easy or it can be what we really want. Just like with spiritual practice, the road is not easy. But, oh , the temptation to just go the easy way is so strong. I guess when you start listening to your heart, that voice becomes even louder. It’s still hard, but knowing you are following your heart is so much more rewarding. Right now I’m tempted to stay in bed all day. My heart is kinda agreeing with me. It’s the kids that are going to take convincing. Much love today.

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      1. No, you’re right I don’t. When my heart knows something I have to follow through. I didn’t one time in my life and I have always wondered, ‘what would have been?’ I wouldn’t change things, but it made me realize I have to follow my heart to the end of the road she’s on before changing course. You, too, my friend seem like a loyal to your heart person. That love drives you even when times get tough.

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