A Gaze

It is quite difficult to look someone in the eyes in silence and hold their gaze, to gaze at one another in truth without fear of being found out.  When we do manage to do this, we begin to recognise ourselves, see ourself in another, know that we are really just the same, originating from the same place. The being in each of us sees the struggle, yet recognises itself in the other, understands the search. When we find ourselves in a trusting relationship with another, we are finding ourselves in everything that is. 

~ Liza



6 thoughts on “A Gaze”

  1. Yes I love this one. We are all souls cast into a being that has a set of conditions for us to navigate. We are all trying our best to work within it. When you start seeing people as the soul within, the love of the “all”, instead of as people with these bad habits, it makes loving even the toughest case so much easier. The eyes always tell you. You can look right through all that exterior stuff and know them. Just by looking into their eyes. It’s so very powerful. It’s something that you can’t create. It’s just there. Beautifully said.

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    1. Thank you and a beautiful explanation from you too. Yes, we can find out so much from looking into someones eyes. But also discover ourselves too. It is so hard to hold a gaze, it’s not something we do often, we have to be comfortable with someone usually. We connect as souls, like you say, when we connect this way : )

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  2. Oh, yes “discover ourselves”. I think this is really lovely because of its general meaning, seeing people as the soul within. But then the specific situation when you do see them and they see you and you find home, that’s a kind of love that’s rare indeed.

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