Going Back

If I could go right back in time,

or anywhere at all,

I think that I would go right back

to my days in school.

I listen to the lessons,

not play around the back,

I’d always do my homework

and always bring it back.

I’d focus more in English class,

I’d listen to what sir said,

I’d read all of the classics,

keep them by my bed.

Then I’d go to Mr Khan,

thank him for his time,

for the good advice he gave me,

I so wish I’d seen the signs.

I’d go out then with the girls,

to the night I met that guy,

when he asks me if I’ll marry him,

I suppose another try.

But if it didn’t work again,

I’d leave when I have my son.

that’s the best I got from it,

when all is said and done.

I still stay home those precious years,

make the most of being mum,

nothing better in this world,

nothing that’s more fun.

In hindsight I’d be kinder,

not such a selfish youth,

because when it comes right down to it,

that the honest truth.

I’d give more time to elders,

listen to what they say,

I know that their not always right

but they’ve lived some days.

I’d foster my imagination,

not try to blow it out,

write poetry about my dreams

and paint the darkness out.

The last place I would go to,

is back to see my mum,

remembering my childhood days,

remembering the fun.

I’d savour every moment,

listen to every word,

I wouldn’t think she hadn’t a clue,

or her ideas absurd.

I’d understand her thinking,

because it is now mine,

that’s why I know I have her,

for the rest of time.




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