The Irksome Gale


The wind is blowing through the trees,

leaving branches bare.

The winters back in force today,

it doesn’t seem to care.

The wind strips beauty from the land, 

throwing it up high.

Blustery gales are hitting home,

speeding through the sky.

The birds take shelter in the eaves,

nesting there for now.

Squirrels collect their bounty,

they must store somehow.

The rain comes in and washes off

the foliage on the land.

The irksome partner of the wind,

it lends the gale a hand.

The clouds look down upon the earth,

thunder rumbles through.

The sun is meek this time of year,

not sure of what to do.

But when the storm is over,

be sure spring will come again.

Give the winter space for now,

be sure it won’t remain.


Include the Daily Prompt word – Irksome



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